Monday, August 30, 2010

i miss you already.

And I was just starting to learn how to grab your face! Ugh! Next time, my friend, next time. Next time I will be the one stealing your binky and trying to hold your hand. But until then, I will miss you! My heart is full of love for you, just as my diaper is full know...

Buh byes, Nola! See you in Star Valley!


Yes! I am all better and back to my normal self. 

I got my shots last Monday. I am a whopping 13 pounds 3 ounces, which is pretty average. I am above average on length though. Whew...I inherited tall genes somewhere along the lines! 

Mama gave me sweet potatoes on Thursday in honor of feeling better and being SO OLD! 

Take 1. I swear I am not a devil baby....

Take 2. Am I really that fat?!? 

Take 3. Oh man.

Take 4. YUM!

Take 5. Sweeeet....potato

Sayonara, my ninjas.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I make this look good.

*sigh* I guess I couldn't be super baby for long. This is me and my friend, Boogies. I guess he comes along with being "sick". He joined us yesterday and is here to stay for only the weekend...hopefully. He's one of those friends that's just always in your face and just doesn't know when to quit. Sometimes I just want to bite his head off.

So I do.

Fever accompanied Boogies last night. The both of them partied it up all night long. Mama and Dadmeister gave me "the good stuff" in the morning--if you know what I mean {wink, wink. nudge, nudge}. I LOVE it! Grapey goodness...just thinking about it makes my mouth gape open while my eyes roll back into my head {aaaahhhh gurgle gurgle}.

Anyway, if all goes well, Boogies will be gone and my blogging hiatus will be over soon.

And that's the way the cookie crumbles...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

the last 4 months in a nutshell.

I made like a baby and headed out on April 12th, 5:00pm. It was a Monday.

Look at my noggin! Holy cone head!

I came home April 14th. My head was no longer funny shaped, thank goodness! That would have made for quite an embarrassing homecoming. Grandma and Grandpa N were there to welcome me home with a cute balloon and a huge box of wipes to clean up all the lovelies I had a-brewin' for Mama and the Dadmeister.

I pooped and peed on everything my bum touched for the next two weeks while I figured out what the heck day and night was. I was used to having dance parties and being able to practice up on my yoga during what non-womb-dwellers call "night time". The D-man would rock me to lullabies, and sometimes it would work.

Other times, not so much.

At about 6 weeks I started sleeping through the night. I still had a couple nights here and there where I would throw The Boob Lady  Mama a curve ball and stay up for as long as I could, but for the most part, I slept like a...well...a baby.

Once I was the conquering champion of sleep, my world was still, quite literally, being turned upside down with tummy time. Oh, blasted tummy time.

At 2 months, I got a long overdue promotion from the bath sling to no sling! I got my water bed back! Bath time is pretty much the best ever. Except one time, when I was really (I mean REALLY) little I was feeling around and grabbed some hair. Who knew I had hair? Then, my head started hurting so I tried to suck on my free hand, but it was covered in bubbles. The harder I cried the more bubbles came out!

I got more vaccinations at my 2 month checkup. I barfed (yeah..BARFED) all over the couch the next day. It was pretty bad. I thought I had gotten it all out, but even more came out in my car seat. After Mama cleaned up the couch AND the car seat that was dripping out the bottom, I slept like a little angel. Barfing is hard work. 

The Dadmeister left me with Mama for a few days while he went to hike Mt. St. Helens with the scouts. I helped him pack. 

Actually, he more or less made a giant mess in the family room while we watched oodles of Lost.

After D-man came back with a lobster-esque glow, we headed out for Wyoming! Ugh, who drives for 12 hours?!? That was complete madness. I didn't want another pumped bottle shoved in my mouth or to be put back in that sweaty car seat. So, I let'em know it--I cried for the last 3 hours. Making a grand total time of 15 hours.

It was worth seeing all my new family though. I have lots and lots of cousins that I can't wait to run around with. Plus, on June 27th, I was blessed in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! It was quite the event. I didn't make a peep during my blessing, just stared at the D-man (and I saw Grandpa N peeking). Daddy did a good job. I think I like that guy...

Vacationing is hard work. 

My plan worked beautifully on the way to Wyoming, so Mama and Daddy split the trip home into two days. Here is my first time staying in a hotel. Marriott beds are suuuuper comfy. Almost as comfy as the mama lady.

In other news, I learned to grab things...

And I like to go for walks...or chew on the carrier, which I once abhorred. {Didn't know my vocab was so good did you?} Either activity makes me happy.

Mama and Daddy think they are so funny. I am not a lawn gnome.

Or an old man. *sigh*

I slept through Portland Saturday market. Thank you for the feminine bow. I have now regained some dignity.

Whenever I do this, all I hear is "Naughty, naughty! Stop that!" Once I figure out what "naughty" means, I'll let you know.

We went to Mt. St. Helens on July 31st. I couldn't see a thing out there, it was so dang bright!

I just sat back, chillaxed, and took in a few Z's here and there.

Currently, I'm rolling all over the place and getting pretty good at multitasking the hand {slash} thumb sucking business. For some reason though, my fingers keep getting yanked out of my mouth and in goes the binky. I don't like it as much. Not one bit.

Taking breathers I think is really important. Got to get in some World's Most Shocking Videos. Just have to! I take after my father.

This past week, Grandpa N was working in Seattle. He had a day off and came to visit! We had a nice chat. Sorry about the surprised look--that flash gets me every time.

Whew! That was a bigger nutshell than I thought! I think I have caught you up quite sufficiently. It's way passed my bedtime. 

Night Night!

Friday, August 13, 2010

sugar, spice, and everything nice.

But I think I'd prefer to be made of puppy dog tails...I like the way they sound anyway!

I'll only laugh at something new--heaven forbid I laugh at the same thing twice! Boob Lady and D-man don't quite get it yet. They tried barking at me later this same night, and of course, it was a no-go. It's like hearing a joke for the second time!

These are things that are no longer funny (and were so last month!):  feet clapping together, being tickled, "dun dun duuuun DUN DUN!", and bouncing, among many others. Don't even think about doing these again, or I'll slime you! I have incredible drooling skills. Ciao.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

hi. i am new here.

Hey guys. This is my new blog. You better add it to your blog list, because you know you want to keep up on the latest and greatest. Oops. I pooped my pants. Peace out.